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How to install a cabin cabin filter in your car by yourself!

Today everyone wants things instantly and the countless technical advancements make it possible for them to get access to things without waiting much. This is a major reason behind the rise of the Do It Yourself trend as people are opting to do things by themselves instead of waiting for the professionals to come and get the job done. So if you think your cabin filter is getting old and needs a replacement, you can do it yourself by following a few easy steps! Just order a brand new cabin filter online from the wide range of filters available on the various online stores and you can get started.

Now let’s take a look at the different steps that can help you to install a new cabin filter in your car, all by yourself.

For cars, where the cabin filter is behind the glove box
  • Open up the car’s glove box to get the contents out.
  • You will find a small part towards the right side, which you need to get off the pin smoothly.
  • You need to undo the side clamps by squeezing both the front as well as the back parts at the same time, to make the glove box come out. Once you have released the box you will find the exterior or the outer protective cover of the cabin filter.
  • The protective cover of the filter has latches on the side which must be lifted to get the old cabin filter out. After you get inside the compartment of the cabin filter, it becomes easier to simply pull the filter out.
  • While doing this make sure that you do not scatter any dirt or trash anywhere in the compartment. The presence of dirt in the compartment can affect the longevity of the new filter too. So it is always advised by the professionals to stay alert. You must also check the flow of air after installing the new filter.
  • While installing the brand new filter you need to check it properly to ensure that it’s the same model as your old one. In case there’s any incompatibility you might face functionality issues. After you are done checking, clean the entire compartment thoroughly before installing the new filter.
  • Another thing that you must check during installation is the surrounding seals and parts that might need replacement too. In case you notice any wear and tear, call up the professionals for further assistance.
  • Once the filter has been installed, the protective cover of the filter must be reinstalled too along with the glove box and the limiting stop arm

For cars, where the cabin filter is under the dashboard
In this case you don’t need many tools and can probably open the compartment by simply pulling the access door and install the new one accordingly.

For cars, where the cabin filter is under the hood

This one can be really tricky as you will need certain tools to remove the wiper blades, cowl vent louver housing and many other parts to finally get access to the filter and change it.

So you see, you can easily do it yourself with a little bit of time & patience. In case you are confused at any point of time, it will be best to contact the retailer from where you bought the filter or the car manufacturer for more professional assistance.

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