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Why ZIP?

1 Fastest development
2 Widest range
3 Brand reliability
4 Legacy
ZIP is highly experienced leader in the automotive filters manufacturing, with a long and successful history that deates back to 1975

What is flow?

How easily air, oil or fuel flows through the filter. Minimising resistance to flow ensures that the engine is never starved of air, oil or fuel.
Poor flow in a filter deprives engines of their vital needs, causing them to work harder, lose power and create rapid engine wear over shorter periods.

What is the by-pass valve?

Should the oil filter become blocked. the valve will open allowing oil to flow into the engine. (Unfiltered oil is better than no oil.)

Does more pleated media filter paper mean better filtration?

Generally a filter with more media has the ability to trap more contaminants than one with less. Few pleats means little media and low capacity.
Irrespective, the media must contain the appropriate resins and compounds.

Is a regular service interval filter change necessary?

Given the importance of efficiency, life and flow, regular filter changes with a good quality filter provide optimum performance and engine life.

The oil filter leaked soon after it was installed?

Make sure correct filter was installed as per instructions.
1 Check old sealing gasket was removed from engine mounting base plate and that plate isn’t damaged or warped.
2 Ensure filter was correctly fitted with new sealing gasket.
3 Check threaded stud isn’t damaged or loose.

What is filter life?

How long a filter lasts before clogging up. Dust-holding capacity of the filter determines how long its life is. The more high-quality paper inside the filter the more dirt it will hold and the longer it will last.

What is an anti drain back valve?

It stops oil from draining out of filter and oil galleries when the engine is shut down and aids quick flow of oil to engine on start up. Not all filters require anti drain back valve due to the construction of the engine.

Why to change cabin filters?

It keeps the air that you breathe inside the cabin clean. They are engineered to trap a whole bunch of things, including pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke, soot and smog-none of which belong in your nose.

Cabin Filters