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Are masks enough or car AC filters are also necessary

Well, masks can be an effective, protective tool if you are using it indoors, but while commuting to and from work you cannot bet on the air quality throughout the entire route. So how can you keep yourself safe during this daily commute You must be thinking that you are already safe inside the car, aren’t you Well, hate to break it to you, but the car AC draws air from outside and circulates it throughout the car. Scary right It is indeed. That’s exactly why all the doctors as well as the universal healthcare organizations are advising people to use quality car AC filters, which actively eliminates various microscopic particles present in the air.

It’s a mandatory preventive tool, especially for those who are ailing or suffering from other health issues. So, if you have a child or ailing parents, or simply want to keep yourself and your family safe from the polluted air outside, during your travel, then it’s high time you should think about investing in a car AC filter!

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