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Air Filters – An Overview

Vehicle owners are required to keep the eagle eye watch on fuel filters because careless attitude towards them might reduce the performance of vehicle resulting in the less-mileage, high-pollution and frequent breakdown. On the the other hand, usage of high-quality fuel filters increases the life of automobile while making it dependable enough to operate confidently. Actually, they keep dust, soot and other harmful particles away to ensure better functionality of vehicle.

Oil Filters – An Overview

The lubrication system of I.C. engines are closed systems, where the oil is the substance, which lubricates and cools the working parts. It also rinses out and transports all kinds of contaminants in the form of suspended solids coming out from the combustion chamber, formed during the abrasive wear of the working parts of the engine. Such contaminants are effectively trapped in filters, which are an important element of the lubricating system in any I.C. engine. The oil filters have different shapes and depending on the engine type may differ significantly regarding construction and principle of operation.

Fuel Filters – An Overview

Fuel filters trap contaminants present in fuel, diesel oil and even in LPG installations, protecting precise elements of I. C. engines fuel systems from rapid wear. These fuels contain contaminants from the production process and distribution. Dust, soot from outer tank surfaces, water and micorganisms may cause the rapid wear of injectors, pumps or pressure-regulating valves in modern engines. Therefore each fuel system has filters which are optimally selected according to engine requirements, fuel quality and expected exploitation conditions.

Cabin Filters – An Overview

Dust, pollen, soot and also pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides or ozone can make travelling by car a very diffcult experience. Especially asthma sufferers really appreciate a good climate in the car interior. People who need to breathe relaxed at any time in a car rely on cabin fillters from Zip Filter. cabin filters come in two versions: firstly a high quality particle filter and secondly a combination filter with activated
carbon. The activated carbon layer embedded in fleece bonds pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, fuel vapours or ozone in the pores which are 10,000 times finer than a human hair. This leaves absolutely no chance for unwanted guests in the interior.